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16/01910/FUL | Erection of a dwelling | Land Part Of New Inn Farm House Welford Road Shearsby Leicestershire
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Comment submitted date: Tue 24 Jan 2017

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Comment submitted date: Thu 22 Dec 2016

We will look onto this dwelling and we are very disappointed that it is a: Not the small houses that were first mentioned and which would benefit the next generation of people - ie our children, who would like to stay in the village but will not be able to afford to unless the proposed mews are built.
b: We value the green and the fact this is a conservation area makes it unbelievable that a house of this size has been planned. I suffer from mild depression and the reason we moved here was for the environment. Building on it like this for the wealthy is not benefiting the village.
c: We need a younger population. Currently we move here 'to die' as one resident put it. This is not the way to go forward.
d: If we all attended the meeting which stated that no more houses would be built for a few years yet, why is this being proposed and how can we trust the council to do what they say in the future when they have gone back on what they said at that meeting?


Comment submitted date: Thu 15 Dec 2016

We are a young couple who have recently moved to Shearsby. One of the major factors in moving to the village was the idyllic setting and lovely countryside in and around the area.

The proposed development will have a detrimental impact on this section of the village. It is out of character in terms of appearance compared to existing development, and building here would both diminish the views when driving into the village and be prominent from many surrounding properties. Many of our friends and family have stated how lovely the tree line is that adorns the journey into the village via Back Lane. The development would definitely reduce this visual impact.

The proposed site is in the conservation area and the neighbouring pond and associated wildlife will no doubt be impacted as well. Being directly opposite our house, the development will cause loss of privacy, loss of sunlight - particularly the evening sunshine, and will create noise and disturbance.

Furthermore, there is no need for this kind of development in the village. Shearsby will not benefit from this building in any way.


Comment submitted date: Thu 01 Dec 2016

I grew up in Shearsby and remember Great Crested newts living in and around the pond. I understand that this is a rare and protected species and think that the site should be properly evaluated to make certain that they are not still present. I am remembering back to the 1970s.
The application appears to disregard the character of the village; there is no use of weather boards, the rooves are made of either Welsh or Swithland slate. I found some of the nearby developments quite an eye-sore and in no way in characture with a south Leicestershire village. The walls a generally made of red brick.
I am very saddened by the later developments in the village of my childhood and often wonder what on earth the planners have been thinking of when I see them.

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