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17/01925/FUL | Erection of a single storey dwelling | The Orchard Fenny Lane Shearsby Leicestershire
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Comment submitted date: Fri 22 Dec 2017

The proposed property is on land which is outside the permitted building line.
The Neighbourhood Plan, which H.D.C. have knowledge of,clearly states that small properties or starter homes with one or two bedrooms only,and with control over future extension,are the only properties which should be allowed to be built. The purpose of this is to attempt to rebalance the character of the population of this rural village.


Comment submitted date: Fri 22 Dec 2017

Jane and Kenneth Vann

We wish to object to the above development.
The proposed property is sited within pastureland and is outside the permitted building line.

The Shearsby Development Plan has been working towards protecting and preserving the village character. Part of this Plan is to provide smaller homes, this is not a small property but a three bedroom bungalow.

The entrance to the proposed property is off Fenny Lane a narrow and often congested area, parking for two cars is permitted in front of Newstead and also parking is allowed outside The Paddocks which means the entrance to the field is restricted.

Further observations

The proposed plan has no garaging, the drive and turning circle appears too small to adequately cope with parking cars for a three bedroom property.

The red boundary line appears to make the rest of the paddock landlocked

The site is elevated and could cause problems with regard to the listed building behind it on Mill Lane.

The plan puts the bungalow very close to The Paddock which could cause light issues

The drive entrance is very close to Newstead and could bring issues here.

Jane and Kenneth Vann


Comment submitted date: Mon 18 Dec 2017

From Martin and Jill Littlejones.
We have received notification of the planning application and have the following observations:
The plot described forms part of a larger area that is designated as countryside.
The plans show the location of the proposed bungalow to be close to existing properties, and extremely close to The Paddocks, creating privacy issues.
The site is elevated above our listed property by some 3 metres.
The plans are indistinct but show the installation of ground source heating on what appears to be the remaining land rather than the house site and does not appear to have access apart from an adjoining property.
Sceptic tank drainage is included rather than mains sewerage and no mention is made of plans for the existing agricultural building.
The site location plan incorrectly describes adjoining land to the South in our ownership.


Comment submitted date: Mon 04 Dec 2017

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Comment submitted date: Tue 28 Nov 2017

Objection to Application 17/01925/FUL - Erection of a single storey dwelling - The Orchard Fenny Lane Shearsby Leicestershire.
It has been brought to my attention that a planning application has been made for the above.
My understanding is that the new property is to be built on the back of 'The Paddock' with vehicle access coming next to my property.
As the owner of the neighbouring property Newstead, Fenny Lane, Shearsby I would make the following objections.
- Current planning guidelines state that there should be at least 100 sq metres of amenity land for the size of 'The Paddock' and clearly if built this would not be the case. There will clearly be a loss of amenity to this property. If approved I could for example look to build a property in my back garden.

- The increased noise and nuisance value of vehicles driving continually past my property.

- How the access to the Orchard is designed

- How a driveway is to be built next to / against my property and the short, medium and long term effect that may have on the movement of my property and its future stability

- The method of construction with access and egress from all vehicles coming next to my property.

I trust you will consider these objections within the due planning process and I look forward to hearing from you shortly.


Comment submitted date: Wed 22 Nov 2017

Application for Planning Permission 17/01925/FUL
Section 15 has not been completed. There are numerous trees and hedges in The Orchard and therefore I believe a Tree Survey is required.
Planning Statement including Design and Access. The Principle of a new development.
The application states the site lies just outside of the village of Shearsby and there are restricted policies in the Local Plan. Although it is the 'applicants view' that this proposal would not demonstrate any harm to either the locality or amenity to warrant refusal the Local Plan should be adhered too. This is outside the boundary of the local plan and is not acceptable.
Vehicular Access.
Although the only properties mentioned in the planning application are the new bungalows in Fenny Lane, my property, Newstead was one of the first properties erected in 1860. The vehicular access is very narrow and is raised above the level of my property. Being such an old property there is no garage or off road parking. There is no facility or opportunity for me to address this. I therefore have to park on the public highway at the side of the entrance / egress to The Orchard as do many other vehicles.
As this planning application is located outside the permitted limits it should not be allowed to take place.
Planning Considerations
As the new development overlooks my entire back garden I will lose all of my privacy.
At the present time there is only one car a day which comes up to the boundary of the field, the farmer tending the sheep. If there are going to be at least three cars entering and exiting the new property on a daily basis there will be a lot of disturbance and noise which would affect me not to mention the extra traffic on Fenny Lane which is a very narrow road and there is often difficulty with traffic already.
As this planning application is for a property which would be outside of the permitted limits I strongly feel it should not be considered as a valid planning proposal.

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