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19/00250/OUT | Hybrid planning application comprising: Outline application for development (including demolition) of up to 2,750 dwellings; business, general industrial and storage and distribution uses; two primary schools; neighbourhood centre; public open space; greenspace; drainage features; acoustic barrier; and other associated infrastructure (some matters reserved); and full application for the development of a spine road and associated junctions with the A426 north of Lutterworth, Gilmorton Road, Chapel Lane, and the A4304 east of M1 Junction 20; comprising carriageway, footway, cycleway and associated infrastructure to include earthworks, bridge structures, services, drainage, landscaping, lighting and signage | Land East Of Lutterworth Gilmorton Road Lutterworth Leicestershire
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Comment submitted date: Sat 21 Sep 2019

I would support this plan with a full relief road /bypass rather than the current proposal. It also needs more provisions of amenities that reflect the ever growing size of lutterworth. A new secondary school, doctors, supermarket, village hall for community use. I do not mind the housing being separated as the light industrial next to the m1 makes sense to me for the pollution issues if houses were there. Also better plans for the access between lutterworth east and lutterworth regarding safe cycling and pedestrian routes, with the possibility of a cycle route parallel to the M1 up to Dunton Basset with the possibility of extending towards Leicester.


Comment submitted date: Wed 18 Sep 2019

I am writing in connection with the proposed distribution park which is linked to this application, sited on the left hand side of the approach to the M1 roundabout from Walcote.

Why is there a need for a distribution centre at this point - there is already a unit on the other side of the roundabout which for 18 months has remained empty. We also have a close proximity to Magna Park. Currently DIRFT at the next junction on the M1 is experiencing low uptake on rental of existing units.

I would also question this from an environmental point of view. Not only in ruining existing countryside, but also light pollution. We currently have light pollution from Magna Park and this centre is going to be much closer to the village.

In addition, there is lot of traffic going to be using the two proposed junctions on the A426 on the Walcote side of the M1 roundabout. If these junctions are serving both the housing development and the distribution centre then the volume of traffic is going to cause huge delays, and also give a build up of traffic through Walcote - which we currently experience when the A14 is experiencing traffic delays and poeple use Walcote as a way to bypass this.


Comment submitted date: Tue 17 Sep 2019

I support the introduction of traffic lights at the LE-J7 junction of Bill Crane Way/Gloster Road/A426. This will improve traffic safety at this junction.

Regarding the A426/Spine Road - LE-J6, I understand that this will be an elevated spine road with lighting.

1. I am concerned that there is no obvious noise mitigation on the road. The area where the road will be placed is currently a field and has no lighting present. Adequate screening will be required between the houses on Gloster Road which overlook this new spine road from both a visual and acoustic perspective.
2. Lighting on the road should be of an appropriate lux level so as not to cause light intrusion overnight which has the potential to lead to sleep disturbance.
3. The council would need to be satisfied that there wouldn't be views into my windows from the road location.

Each of these 3 items which I have outlined above could be determined at the detailed design stage and could be satisfied by an appropriately worded condition.


Comment submitted date: Fri 13 Sep 2019

Panning Application HDC: 19/00250/OUT (Associated application: 18/01157/SCP)
I have been appalled to discover plans for the site at Misterton take no account of the likely impact on us in Welford or communities further south and east of the site.

 Living on the A5199 in Welford, with its narrow and congested High Street, I cannot see how we can withstand any the impact from the additional traffic, inevitably generated by such a large development.

Having searched endlessly through all of the current planning documents I can find nothing to reassure me of any acknowledgement of the problems that this development will cause to Welford. We are likely to experience massively increased traffic flows, particularly additional HGV's, on our narrow High Street and nothing in the plans is proposed to either reduce that impact or prevent it happening.

A plan of this size should include some significant budget for protecting villages in the area from the inevitable traffic impacts, but the plans include nothing.

As it stands, this is an incomplete application as it does not adequately represent the wider issues of traffic, noise, congestion and property damage that will result from such a massive increase in traffic movements or address the risk to and safety of our residents.

I do not believe that a safe planning decision is possible given this lack of detail and I wish to formally object to the plans.



Comment submitted date: Sun 01 Sep 2019

I understand that there is no provision to be made for a new secondary school in the plans-I do not understand why this is the cae with the number of new houses and the plans for new primary schools. Where will those children go when they move to the next school?

Also I wonder if the current doctors surgery will be able to cope with the extra number of people living in the area-currently one can wait a long time for an appointment -surely a new surgery is required.

Should there not also be provision for extra parking in the town.


Comment submitted date: Sat 31 Aug 2019

No provision has been made for an additional secondary school, doctors surgery, dentists or hospital. How is Lutterworth meant to cope with the addition of almost 3000 more houses without improving public services and infrastructure. As always this is an afterthought and this should be considered as part of the original planning.


Comment submitted date: Fri 30 Aug 2019

1. Why build more warehouses when there are still empty ones on Magna Park and the warehouse on the M1 junction 20 is STILL empty.
2. There needs to be a medical centre as Lutterworth medical centre already caters for 12,000 people +.
3. Closing off Gilmorton Road? It means that traffic will have to go more miles to get to the villages causing more pollution and ecology issues.
4. Lutterworth needs a bypass NOT a spine road. 23.5% less traffic is wishful thinking.
5. Moving the Leisure Centre is a slap in the face for Lutterworth residents who have been using and supporting it. The East Lutterworth residents could come into Lutterworth to use it where they might spend money and support the existing shops and businesses.
6. The plans as they are seem to be separating Lutterworth East from Lutterworth Town and this is detrimental to business in Lutterworth.


Comment submitted date: Tue 27 Aug 2019

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Comment submitted date: Wed 21 Aug 2019

Whilst I understand that there are pressing political reasons to build new homes, these have to be in circumstances where infrastructure is able support whatever influx of population the new homes bring. There are already multiple moderately large building works occurring throughout Lutterworth and in the space of the last few years, traffic, access to amenities such as parking, general practice appointments and dental appointments in the Lutterworth area have been tangibly compromised.

Whilst there has been a small concession in the plans to the provision of primary schools, there is no secondary or higher education provision. With the recent scattered but large overall increase in local residents incurred through the current building coupled with the extensive changes to secondary and higher education provision within the town of Lutterworth in the last few years, it is reckless to assume that the current provision will be able to cater for a doubling of the local population on top of these pressures.

In addition there has been a recent increase in local crime with a lack of local policing being cited by many as a major issue along with easy access for criminals to rapid exit from the area via the M1. No concession to the concerns of local people with regard to crime has been made in this planning application.

Lastly, I note that the flood risk assessment papers are not available to view. I have some concerns about the risk of flooding to the South of Lutterworth, particularly with the expected changes in climate / weather over the next decade or so. The south of Lutterworth is close to a river and is a natural sink. I cannot see any evidence as to whether the effect of the loss of significant areas of natural drainage 'uphill' in East Lutterworth will increase the risk of flooding elsewhere. Public reassurance on this should be demonstrated.


Comment submitted date: Tue 20 Aug 2019

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