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19/00250/OUT | Hybrid planning application comprising: Outline application for development (including demolition) of up to 2,750 dwellings; business, general industrial and storage and distribution uses; two primary schools; neighbourhood centre; public open space; greenspace; drainage features; acoustic barrier; and other associated infrastructure (some matters reserved); and full application for the development of a spine road and associated junctions with the A426 north of Lutterworth, Gilmorton Road, Chapel Lane (including the partial closure and realignment of Chapel Lane to motor vehicles and horse riders), and the A4304 east of M1 Junction 20; comprising carriageway, footway, cycleway and associated infrastructure to include earthworks, bridge structures, services, drainage, landscaping, lighting and signage | Land East Of Lutterworth Gilmorton Road Lutterworth Leicestershire
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Comment submitted date: Wed 08 Jan 2020

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Comment submitted date: Tue 26 Mar 2019

Planning Application 19/002500/OUT

We attended the consolation event regarding the above last Friday (22.03.19). We have the following comments and objections.

1.Failure to provide a bypass.

For over thirty years various proposals have been put forward to address the fact that a main 'A' road goes right through the heart of Lutterworth. Consequently Lutterworth residents and visitors are exposed to noise, pollution, risk of accident and inconvenience right in the heart of their main shopping and cultural centre. The failure to solve this problem by providing a proper bypass to the east of the new development, as originally suggested, is a bitter disappointment. It is shameful that the next generation of Lutterworth residents will, if these plans go ahead, have to endure a town centre with a main road running through it. Worse still, as the planning documents themselves acknowledge "the proposed development will generate significant amount of traffic". So the traffic on the A426 will be even worse. If the plans go ahead unchanged a great opportunity to improve the quality of life for thousands of people in both Lutterworth East and West, will be lost.

2. Public Transport.

Lutterworth is already poorly served by public transport with a slow and infrequent bus service being the only alternative available for those wishing or needing to travel to Leicester or Rugby without using a private vehicle. It is extraordinary that, despite the prosed significant increase in population, this public transport shortfall is not seriously addressed in the documents we have seen. In this day and age effective public transport infrastructure should be a key part of any development like this from the outset. We cannot continue to encourage the use private vehicles in this way, thus increasing congestion, pollution and all the other problems we are aware all very well aware of.

3. Failure to apply a strategic approach.

As we understand it the environmental impact assessment focused on Lutterworth and its immediate surroundings. A much wider view must be applied. Lutterworth is located at the junction of three counties, Leicestershire, Warwickshire and Northamptonshire and the boundary between the East and West Midlands. The proposals show no evidence of any consideration of the environmental impact of developments that these counties are considering or taking forward. We would draw attention to the developments at, Houlton New town near Rugby, The Rugby Gateway, DRIFT and of course the developments at Magna Park. We would add that there continues to be piecemeal residential development in nearly all the villages surrounding Lutterworth. These changes impact on the wider road network. We would draw attention, in particular, to the example of the congestion that is already a daily feature of travel on the A426 between the A5 and the M6. This choke point happens to be in Warwickshire but clearly most of the traffic using this road comes from Leicestershire and Northamptonshire. This problem and many others like it, will only get worse without a proper strategic overview.

4. Air and Noise pollution.

Anyone looking at the proposals afresh would, we think, be surprised to see a town with a motorway cutting through its centre. Most would think that the air and noise pollution impact of such a proposal make it a very poor idea indeed. If such an idea were to go ahead innovative and radical ameliorative measures would also be necessary . We could see no such measures in the proposals. Whilst we acknowledge the technical data presented seems to suggested (from our untutored reading) that the noise and air pollution impact is minimal we remain very sceptical. From a simple and practical point of view how many people would want to buy a house on the western side of Wycliffe Fields sandwiched , as they are between the M1 and the "Spine Road"?

5. Positive Comments

This country has a terrible housing shortage and people need a place to live. This proposal in providing new homes for thousands of people is to be welcomed. We also appreciate and welcome the extensive green spaces that have been integrated into the plan providing that the District Council is able provide adequate long term maintenance.

But the serious objections raised in points 1 to 4 must be addressed to ensure that both the existing and new residents of Lutterworth enjoy a good quality of life in a thriving community of the twenty-first century.

Peter and Anne Watson



Comment submitted date: Sun 29 Dec 2019

I have responded to various planning applications, as have a number of other people, mainly associated to the Magna Park development without any success as construction is taking place on a numerous scale. This alone will have a massive effect on the road system, not to say the increased air pollution.

That aside I am greatly concerned on the impact all the extra housing developments are having on Lutterworth itself. According to application 19/00250/OUT Lutterworth East, it states no new doctor's surgery or dentists are being provided. The school situation is greatly being affected as well though I understand additional primary schools are to be provided but no secondary education. Why on earth no additional infrastructure, ie doctors and dentists is being put in place is mind boggling. These practices are already at breaking point. How on earth can this be feasible with the numerous houses being built bringing more people and increased traffic and no extra facilities being provided. It is also noticeable the fact that it is impossible to park at Morrison's and Waitrose at certain times which never used to happen, all because of the increase in population due to these housing developments, with one housing development not even completed yet and the proposed Lutterworth East. Unbelievable!!!!

It is very noticeable already that traffic has increased on the roads so when all the proposed developments are put in place, together with the Magna Park construction I dread to think the amount of congestion that will take place as well as all the extra pollution to our town.

It is a shame such a nice town is being spoilt on a huge scale.


Comment submitted date: Fri 20 Dec 2019

Firstly this area is next to an SSE this concerns me as the housing development could damage the wildlife there. Secondly this is a flood plain. Getting house insurance will be very hard and the houses could flood. Thirdly the partial closure of the road to Lutterworth. You propose to send people via a different route. However people will endeavour to take the quickest route which will be through Gilmorton and up the Ullesthorpe Road. This will cause untold issues through Gilmorton.
J Smethurst-Todd

Comment submitted date: Thu 04 Apr 2019

To add to my objections before. There is provision for two primary schools. So what happens when these children are 11 plus. The Lutterworth schools are at busting point so the new children won't be able to go there! The doctors surgery in Lutterworth is also full so the new people can't go there! What a mess!

Comment submitted date: Thu 04 Apr 2019

To add to my objections before. There is provision for two primary schools. So what happens when these children are 11 plus. The Lutterworth schools are at busting point so the new children won't be able to go there! The doctors surgery in Lutterworth is also full so the new people can't go there! What a mess!

Comment submitted date: Wed 27 Mar 2019

I strongly object to this vast planning application. Firstly there has been too much building in this area our countryside will be no more! Lutterworth itself has become too big all our schools are at bursting point. Gilmorton is so over subscribed with extra housing. What about the wildlife! Many people use this area to walk and enjoy the countryside. Many people I have spoken to are totally devastated. The doctors surgery is over subscribed. You have to wait about six weeks just to get an appointment. I would also object to the felling of any mature trees. So far in this area hedgerows and trees have been felled at an alarming rate and builders start covering trees to stop birds nesting. This cannot be right. In the outline plans where is the any area saved for wildlife?


Comment submitted date: Fri 13 Dec 2019

Regarding the A426/Spine Road - LE-J6, I understand that this will be an elevated spine road with lighting.

Can you please confirm if this will be elevated, or not as this doesn't seem clear on the drawings I have looked at.

If the road is to be elevated then I have the following concerns.

1. I am concerned that there is no obvious noise mitigation on the road. The area where the road will be placed is currently a field and has no lighting present. As we already have the M1 and the A426 and the noise levels can be high, the additional traffic noise, especially if the road is elevated, could be unbearable.

2. Lighting on the road should be of an appropriate lux level so as not to cause light intrusion overnight which has the potential to lead to sleep disturbance, what are you proposing to do to shield us from the road lighting and people seeing into our property.

3. Pollution, with your estimates of the road usage added to the M1 and A426 traffic , air quality will be affected, has this been considered.


Comment submitted date: Mon 02 Dec 2019

There are numerous reason why this scheme is a bad proposal, further development within Lutterworth should be focused on the West of the existing conurbation not to East.

1. Severance - rather than constructing a new Sustainable Urban Extension to Lutterworth the plans in themselves create a rather self-contained new settlement with the M1 acting as a barrier between Lutterworth and the new development. The few points of crossing between the existing town and the new sites are not conducive with creating community. The new settlement will be nothing more than a commuter settlement. Where is the benefit to the existing residents of Lutterworth?

2. Services and facilities - with the recent closure of the Lutterworth police station, proposed closure of the Fielding Palmer Hospital and the existing strain on the local health facilities (doctors and dentists) and secondary schools from Lutterworth and the surrounding villages (which are also growing) we simply cannot accommodate the additional population of around 5,000 people.

3. Bad location - By developing the land East of the M1 without addressing the need for a Lutterworth Bypass you will effectively end any possibility of reducing flows (particularly HGVs) through the town centre (which is an AQMA zone and also Lutterworth conservation area). Development has already been permitted to the West of Coventry Road meaning that a Western Bypass of the town centre is even less feasible. The only viable route for a Bypass would be to the East of the M1. If Lutterworth East is granted consent, then this Eastern Bypass alignment will be lost forever which will forever condemn the town centre of Lutterworth. The developer of Lutterworth East have now practically ruled out the possibility of a Bypass being part of the plan, favouring a spine road. This spine road will not be built to a suitable standard to induce traffic from the A426 and on to the spine road. Of course, this is precisely the developers' intention, they do not want the lower the value of the houses they build. This style of commuter settlement would be much better placed in Market Harborough itself where the town has rail infrastructure deal with the demand to London/Leicester.

4. Environmental impacts - further to the existing AQ issues mentioned above which the scheme fails to address there are also issues around the habitat loss and development on flood plains. As we continue to go forward, and the climate continues to change it is apparent that flooding is going to become an increasingly important concern. We are seeing spots in and around the town flood, which haven't flooded before. Indeed, it is noteworthy that throughout much of late October and November many of the fields on which the development is proposed are under water! Building on flood plains no matter how well mitigated by balancing pools doesn't solve the issue, it will just create an issue elsewhere.

5. It is critically important to note that the land owner in the case of this development is Leicestershire County Council and that the promotion of this site (not matter how bad the development is) is a key means by which the county council wants to generate some income from its assets. The assertion that Lutterworth needs this development, that it will address any of the transport issues the town faces is false, these are just 'justifications' that the council uses so it can cash in on its assets.

6. Employment - the development pertains to deliver some much-needed employment for Lutterworth. However, it is well known, and discussed as part of the recent Magna Park and Symmetry Park applications that the majority of the workforce in Lutterworth is not engaged in Warehouse/Logistics work. Indeed, these workers are shipped in from Nuneaton, Coventry, Leicester etc. So why build more sheds in and around Lutterworth when we already have a doubling of the Magna Park site, Symmetry park being developed and a shed immediately next to M1J20 which has stood empty for more than a year now.


Comment submitted date: Fri 22 Nov 2019

No provision for more doctors, this is already a shortage. Closing the main road from Gilmorton to Lutterworth will mean that all the traffic in rush hour coming that way, will now have to go past Gilmorton school. The roads between there and Dunton are not designed to cope with that amount of traffic, to say nothing about that junction.
Just who has said these houses are much needed? We have so many new estates we can't possibly need new housing. Some of that area is flood plain. Also how are you going to deal with all the extra traffic that will have to come down the Leicester road thru Lutterworth? Has an inspector actually visited on several days to see- if the M1 has problems, or the A5 or the M6 - it all comes theu Lutterworth. This is before you add this new traffic and re route existing traffic. I'm very disappointed that people we trust to look after our environment and daily lives, don't seem to care about the existing residents.


Comment submitted date: Fri 22 Nov 2019

Still object. This does not address the issues of increased traffic and pollution. There is enough building work around Lutterworth. Leave some green spaces! This is simply about LCC grabbing money to plug gaps in its deficit.


Comment submitted date: Sat 16 Nov 2019

I am very concerned with regard to the closure of the road from Gilmorton into Lutterworth at the motorway bridge. The inspector saw no reason for this to happen and residents from Gilmorton and surrounding village will lose direct access to the doctors surgery and Fielding Palmer hospital as well as having to access the town centre closed. Could the findings of the inspector be taken into account properly or could the village residents at least have access to the doctors surgery and hospital. The increase in traffic onto tiny country lanes is inevitable no matter what the surveys say and dangerous road junctions will be come even more used and therefore more accidents will happen.


Comment submitted date: Sat 21 Sep 2019

I would support this plan with a full relief road /bypass rather than the current proposal. It also needs more provisions of amenities that reflect the ever growing size of lutterworth. A new secondary school, doctors, supermarket, village hall for community use. I do not mind the housing being separated as the light industrial next to the m1 makes sense to me for the pollution issues if houses were there. Also better plans for the access between lutterworth east and lutterworth regarding safe cycling and pedestrian routes, with the possibility of a cycle route parallel to the M1 up to Dunton Basset with the possibility of extending towards Leicester.


Comment submitted date: Wed 18 Sep 2019

I am writing in connection with the proposed distribution park which is linked to this application, sited on the left hand side of the approach to the M1 roundabout from Walcote.

Why is there a need for a distribution centre at this point - there is already a unit on the other side of the roundabout which for 18 months has remained empty. We also have a close proximity to Magna Park. Currently DIRFT at the next junction on the M1 is experiencing low uptake on rental of existing units.

I would also question this from an environmental point of view. Not only in ruining existing countryside, but also light pollution. We currently have light pollution from Magna Park and this centre is going to be much closer to the village.

In addition, there is lot of traffic going to be using the two proposed junctions on the A426 on the Walcote side of the M1 roundabout. If these junctions are serving both the housing development and the distribution centre then the volume of traffic is going to cause huge delays, and also give a build up of traffic through Walcote - which we currently experience when the A14 is experiencing traffic delays and poeple use Walcote as a way to bypass this.

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